You've Got To Stand For Something

admin - Posted on 19 July 2010

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Now Daddy didn’t like trouble, but if it came along
Everyone who knew him knew which side that he’d be on
He never was a hero or this county’s shining light
But you could always find him standin’ up for what he thought was right
He’d say:
You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything
You got to be your own man and not a puppet on a string
Never compromise what’s right and uphold your family name
You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything
Now we might’ve been better off or owned a bigger house
If Dad had done a little more giving in or a little more backing down
But we always had plenty, just a livin’ his advice
Whatever you do today you’ll have to sleep with tonight
I know things are different than they were in my Daddy’s day
But I still believe what makes a man really hasn’t changed


T. R.’s Comment: This song brings to mind a short poem my Dad taught me:

No man escapes when freedom fails, and good men rot in filthy jails
And those who cried, “Appease, Appease!” are hung by those they tried to please.

Today “tolerance” is the politically correct.  I believe tolerance is characteristic of a person who hasn’t any virtue left.  And don’t forget the hypocrisy of this issue: “Tolerant” people have no tolerance for those of us who dare to say “Right is right” and “Wrong is wrong.”  If all possible, we’re eliminated even from the debate.  So much for tolerance.
Tolerance allows tyranny and terrorism while destroying moral codes and societal norms.  It ruins lives and destroys freedom.  The bottom line is in this song:


“You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”
You’ve Got to Stand for Something